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Experiences at the Best Resorts in Munnar
Daniel Munro Mountain Top park with Waterfalls
Trek with Our In House Naturalist

You can choose to trek with our in house naturalist who will take you through the tea plantations all the way up to the Attukad waterfalls. On the way you will come across people from the local community who work at the tea plantations. Scenes of women delicately plucking tea leaves to the plantation watcher who keeps a close eye on everything and everyone with his big mustache and cane are all the sights that greet you on your trek to the falls. In the distance you can watch the beautiful sight of the waterfalls dropping like a stream of milk over the rocks. Once you reach the falls you can take in the picturesque beauty and breathe in the fresh air. Please be advised that entering the falls or the river is dangerous due to the presence of strong undercurrents and the underwater troughs. It is best to refrain from such activities.

Yoga & Meditation

The ancient practice of Yoga and meditation has stood the test of time and continues to prove its worth over modern medicine in terms of the long term mental and physical well being of those who practice the lifestyle prescribed by the tenets of yoga. As part of our efforts to inculcate a habit of healthy living, we at Blanket Hotel and Spa provide our guests with an opportunity to partake in a yoga session with our in house yoga instructor in the morning.

The Cultural Performance

You can treat yourself to a performance of the traditional dance forms like Kuchipudi or Mohiniyattam. These performances depict stories from our ancient epics honoring the various deities. The performing artists also give you a brief description of the dance and through this vivid performance you are transported to a different realm, a realm where all the stories and characters come to life before your very eyes.

Village Visit at Attukad

ust a mere two kilometers away from Blanket Hotel and Spa, lays the idyllic village of Attukkad. We offer guests the opportunity to experience the local culture and sights. As one sets out from the resort towards the village, one can see the magnificent eucalyptus trees that line the sides of the road leading up to the edge of the river. At this point there is a small bridge that takes you towards the Attukad village. Guests can take the opportunity to have some tea at the local tea shop situated near the bridge. This tea shop is run by a lady whose house is right adjacent to the tea shop. The Attukad village is just a kilometer away from the bridge and on the way one can see some of the spice and tea plantations that are part of this village. One can catch glimpses of the plantation workers going about their daily activities. There is a small tea shop established by the British in the early 30s that served as a refreshment stall for the estate workers. One can see the influence of Dravidian architecture in the two temples that are located in the region. There is also a church that one can check out during the visit to the village. If one is interested one can mingle with members of the local community and learn more about their lives and their culture. The tip to Attukad village is a unique experience that lets you take in the essence of Munnar, the people, the nature and its rich history.

Dress like a
Keralite Bride & Groom

A unique experience where couples get to dress in traditional Kerala sari for the women and mundu and shirt for the men, and have a traditional Kerala wedding if they so desire.

Chef’s Corner

This activity provides the guest with a platform to showcase their culinary skills and talent. Guests are also welcome to cook with the chef and sample the dishes they have prepared. Also, they can teach the chef a thing or two about their favourite dish and its recipe. As a prize the Executive Chef rewards the guest with the ‘Chef of The Day’ prize and their snaps will be posted the next day on the social media page of our resort.

Chocolate Making

A program exclusively designed for children and chocolate lovers alike. This program is conducted by the Junior Chef and our young guests can learn, enjoy and taste the home made chocolates from our Junior Chef’s cafe.


Guest can indulge themselves along the leisurely cycling trails near the hotel as they take in the fresh country air of the nearby tea estates and the serene waterfalls.

Romantic dinner at
River view restaurant

An evening where guests can watch the night sky by being in the company of their loved ones and ignite the romance in their lives by having a candle light dinner and complete surrendering to the sense of bliss that the entire evening offers. They can indulge themselves to their heart’s content in this very romantic setting and listen to some romantic ghazals while creating moments that can be framed and cherished as memories for years to come.

Bird Watching

The environment near Blanket Hotel and Spa is home to almost 40 different species of birds and 30 different species of butterflies. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture these beauties of nature at play.