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Rainbow Trout Munnar

Rainbow Trout Munnar

The Fascinating History of Rainbow Trout in Munnar-A British Legacy 

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Munnar, an enchanting tale of perseverance, nostalgia, and the birth of a unique culinary delight unfolds. The st...

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28-10-2023 by Admin
Tata Tea Museum Munnar

The Tata Tea Museum  - A Tribute to the Proud History of Tea Cultivation in Munnar

The words ‘Tea’ and ‘Munnar’ are so entwined with each other, they could be used synonymously. The region of Munnar caught the attention of plan...

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08-05-2020 by Admin


Devikulam – The Lake of the Goddess

Picture a place where a higher force existed. One may call it a divine presence or vibe which brings out our inner positive energies. This is Devikulam. A combination of two words, ‘Devi&rsqu...

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27-04-2020 by Admin
Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Munnar

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and its history

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the twelve wildlife sanctuaries classified under most protected areas by the Government of Kerala. The sanctuary was begun mainly to protect exotic species of a grizzled giant ...

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22-04-2020 by Admin
Vattavada Munnar

A Fairytale Land Called Vattavada

Settled away from the hustle and bustle of Munnar town, there is a village called Vattavada. It is a village that resembles a fairytale landscape with its flowing rivulets, mist-covered hills, mesmerizing valleys, and low lying clouds. ...

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31-03-2020 by Admin
History of Munnar

A Brief History of Munnar Kannan Devan Hill Plantation


The Kannan Devan Hills is entrenched into the history of Munnar and has played a major role in the socio-economic development of the region. One of the first Europeans to visit these hills was the D...

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29-03-2020 by Admin
Experience the Flora and Fauna of Munnar with a true Nature Enthusiast

This is the story of a nature lover whose absolute passion for the forests and wildlife made him grow from a wild child to a reputed naturalist and environmentalist.  Having being in sync to the rhythm of nature for years, Charan is an expert in finding and explaining about exotic flora and ...

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09-01-2020 by Admin
The Best way to reach Munnar from Bangalore

 Best Holiday experience at Munnar

It was our first vacation after my brother came from the US and we really wanted to make it special. Since our previous vacations had covered almost all places of North India, this time, we decided to spend some leisure time in one ...

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02-12-2019 by Admin
Munnar Resorts Honeymoon & Family Packages

Best Honeymoon package in Munnar for couples & Family.             

The most memorable vestige of your sweet matrimonial beginnings would undoubtedly be the honeymoon days when you get to know each other better and the sensual vibes soar to ...

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09-11-2019 by Admin
Malabar Whistling Thrush

While strolling through the premises of Blanket hotel, you might be overpowered with sweet whistles
from a little bird, the Malabar whistling thrush. This black beauty’s whistles are similar to that of a lousy
child whistling unbothered...

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19-07-2019 by Admin
The Tragic Tale of Munnar's Metre Gauge Monorail


The lush green hills of Munnar with its sprawling tea plantations have some fascinating stories to tell us. These are stories that have inspired and astounded historians and travelers alike. Among these is a story that has ...

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28-06-2019 by Admin
Experience Luxury Like Never Before in Munnar

Blanket Munnar : Luxury Hotel in Munnar  With A View of Waterfall
Resembling something of a canvas painting, Munnar is a delightful conglomeration of the lush green plantations and the shimmery water streams. B...

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24-04-2019 by Admin
The God's Privileged Home Srishti in Munnar ( Developmental Activities in Rehabilitative Education

The God’s privileged home ‘Srishti’, in Munnar encourages mentally disabled children of Tata Tea estate workers. It welcomes us with tear-jerking, exciting and felicific scenes. ‘Srishti’ has to be appreciated and exalted for evincing self-respect in the minds of the...

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03-04-2019 by Admin
Fascinating Nature with Jacaranda & Spathodea in Munnar

Jacaranda flowers and Spathodea flowers which tinge colours on Munnar’s waysides….
The mosquito killing Spathodea, American-beauty Jacaranda and also of the place name ‘Vaguvarai’which portrait the real nature of Munnar.
Jacaranda flowers…..

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15-04-2017 by Admin
Sub Zero Temperatures and Frost A White Blanket over Munnar

The month of January is cold and is one of the best times to visit Munnar. Visitors flock to this

magnificent hill station every year during this time to experience the cool winter climate and the warm

sun that provides excellent hues over the skies of Munnar. However, over th...

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15-01-2019 by Admin
One of the East Flowing Rivers Adorning Munnar

Kabani, Bhavani and Pambar are the three rivers which flow to East in Kerala.
Pambar originates from Devikulam, where the memories of Maidhili’s stay in forest remain, gliding through Sahyan’s canyons, fluxing through slightly Thoovanam waterfalls, alluring Chinnar rain shadow for...

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08-01-2019 by Admin
How to Reach Coimbatore to Munnar | The Best way to reach Munnar from Coimbatore

Are you Looking the best way to travel Coimbatore to Munnar, then use this path 
Coimbatore- Pollachi - Udumalapet - Chinnar – Marayoor - Munnar.
Total 160 Kms & will Take 05 hours Travel Time.
Coimbatore to Pollachi- 44 Km
It’s a straight highway fro...

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28-12-2018 by Admin
A Story Behind Emergence of Honeymoon Destination and Old Church in Munnar

Shajahan’s Mumtaz is buried in an ivory-white marble mausoleum in the bank of Yamuna. But here in Munnar, the Kashmir of South India found by the Englishmen, Henry’s beloved Isabella is buried without any pomp. She left her life, memories, dreams, her Henry and dissolve in to the vall...

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03-12-2018 by Admin
Planning a Holiday to Munnar, These are the Best Times to Visit Munnar

Munnar is a popular hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala, India. Thousands of tourists visit this scenic destination every year to witness the majestic sprawling green hills, the historic tea plantations, beautiful waterfalls and the rare flora and fauna that is home to this magnifi...

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19-11-2018 by Admin
The Best way to reach Munnar from Madurai

(Madurai to Munnar Via Usilampetti, Theni, Bodimettu- Chinnakanal- Munnar). 153 Kms from Madurai to Munnar via NH 85 which has long stretch starts from Tondi point near Bay of Bengal in Tamil nadu and end in Cochin near Arabian Se...

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03-11-2018 by Admin
Best Way to Reach Munnar from Cochin

(Cochin to Munnar via Aluva , Perumbavoor, Kothamangalam, Neriamangalam, Adimali)

Munnar, popularly called a Beauty Queen of Nature is located 6000 ft above mean sea level enclosed by Tea plantations and wide Mountain Rang...

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03-11-2018 by Admin
Muniyara Dolmens Where the Ancient Sages Attained Nirvana

Imagine a place where the words tranquility and inner peace actually meant something. This is a place where one could probably find one’s true self if they really tried. We are talking about the Muniyara Dolmens in Marayoor, Idukki district of Kerala. It is located approximately 55 kms from Mu...

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15-06-2018 by Admin
The Nehru Trophy Boat Race The most fascinating water festival

Boat Race kerala -The most fascinating water festival in Alleppey 

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race Kerala is conducted on the Punnamda Lake, near Alleppey which is known as “Venice of East”, On the day of this fierce Race the halcyon lake of Alleppey front is transformed int...

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16-10-2018 by Admin
The Best Places You Can See and Things You Can Do At Magical Munnar (Top 30 Places to visit in Munna

30 Places to visit in Munnar 


Munnar represents the pinnacle of nature’s beauty in God’s Own Country, Kerala. Boasting a rich heritage and spellbinding natural beauty, Munnar has something for everyone. From old colonial buildings and the historic Munnar MonoRai...

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16-10-2018 by Admin
The Magnificent Nilgir Tahr at the Eravikulam National Park

The Nilgiri Tahr is an endangered caprid that is found along the hills of the Western Ghats in India. It is also popularly known as the Nilgiri Ibex or the Ibex. It is the state animal of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.  It is a close relative of the Himalayan Tahr commonly found along the sout...

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08-10-2018 by Admin
Blanket Hotel and Spa The Best Way to Experience Munnar with a Luxury resorts in munnar

Munnar is one Kerala’s most popular tourist destinations for holidays with family or as a couple on their honeymoon. The guests in order to get a better value will always look for 4 star hotels and 5 star hotels in Munnar that can provide the ultimat...

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01-01-2017 by Admin
Witness the Spectacle of the Neelakurinji at the Eravikulam National Park

The Neelakurinji flower is in full bloom at Munnar this year. Guests can catch a glimpse of this beautiful and mystical flower in its full glory in Eravikulam National Park. Visitors can visit the park during this time of theyear to experience the magical extravaganza called Neelakurinji and Nilgiri...

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21-09-2018 by Admin
The Magical Monsoons of Kerala

There is something special about the monsoon season in Kerala. There is a particular sense of excited anticipation among people and nature alike. The first drops of rain area welcome sight and music to the ears of those who have been suffering the relentless heat of the summer months. Arriving in th...

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27-07-2018 by Admin
Get Ready for a Magical Experience Neelakurinji

Truly great artists are ones who create works of art that are appreciated for centuries after they are gone. They come up such creations that are rare and beautiful. They are rare because these creations are few and far between and because they are rare, their beauty is also mysteriously captivating...

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29-06-2018 by Admin
The den of tranquility and mesmerizing nature


It's not often that one finds a cute boutique hotel in quite a remote location in Kerala with all things one can dream about.

We, a young couple traveling without our young kid (for the first time), but spent an unforgettable relaxing week in Munnar, a second honeymoon sort of).<...

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30-05-2018 by Admin
Marayoor Jaggery Going Global from Humble Settings

Marayoor is a region in Idukki district of Kerala that is a region that is renowned for its jaggery and sandalwood forests. ‘Marayoor sharkara’ as it is locally called is a produce that is home the panchayats of Marayoor and Kanthalloor. Jaggery production is considered to be a cottage i...

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11-04-2018 by Admin
Easter Eggs, A Tradition that has become a Beautiful Surprise

Think of an Easter egg and invariably one of the first things that comes to one’s mind is the Christian festival of Easter. According to Christian faith, the day of Easter which falls on a Sunday, marks the end of the forty day period of Lent that culminates with the resurrection of Jesus Chri...

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31-03-2018 by Admin
Pongal A Festival of Harvest and Thanksgiving

India historically has been an agrarian nation. With a diverse landscape and climate conditions that aid many varieties of crops, India as a nation has been become self sufficient in terms of its food requirements due to its farming community. With such diverse cultures and crops it comes as no surp...

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14-01-2018 by Admin
The Story of the Glorious Trinity, The Story behind the Birth of the State of Kerala

The Story of the Glorious Trinity – The Story behind the Birth of the State of Kerala 
According to Hindu mythology, the region of Kerala stretches along the Arabian Sea from Gokarnam (Gokarna, in Karnataka) to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. It is believed that the avatar called &lsquo...

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01-11-2017 by Admin
Mesmerizing Mattupetty A Picnicker's Paradise

Mesmerizing Mattupetty – A Picnicker’s Paradise 
A small little town on a hill, Mattupetty is surrounded by sprawling plantations. Located just 13 kilometers from Munnar Town and standing at a height of 1700 metres above sea level, the place offers an ideal picnic spot for to...

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24-10-2017 by Admin
Say Cheers with a Cup of Tea This Women's Day!!!

It is said that women are the embodiment of God. The ability to preserve life and nurture it is very much a manifestation of the powers held by the Almighty. On this Women’s Day, we would like to show our appreciation for the women in our lives.  You see women have always influenced us as...

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08-03-2017 by Admin
The Markets of Munnar, A Journey of its Culture and Cuisine

Every major tourist destination has its own shopping locations. These shopping locations are unique in their own way. Munnar too, has a few shopping locations where you can find some of the most exotic and traditional products. As a traveler, you must remember that Munnar is different from the more ...

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11-02-2017 by Admin
Muniyara Dolmens at Munnar

During my visit I came upon a place called Marayoor. With its misty locales and breath taking hills Marayoor is a place of ethereal beauty and culture. When I was visiting Marayoor, I could not help being overcome by the sense of mysticism that the region offered. The region is home to the Muniyara ...

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07-01-2017 by Admin
A Community Health Care Centre True to its Name

They say India is a nation that is severely short when it comes to providing healthcare services in respect to its massive population. Some estimates say that the healthcare infrastructure in place is not even capable to serve even a third of the population. In all my years of being a doctor, I have...

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16-12-2016 by Admin
Unspoilt Attukad, The Virgin face of Munnar

On our honeymoon visit to Munnar in Kerala – God’s Own Country, we visited Attukad, a region that is blessed with the pristine hills and soul-soothing Attukad Falls. A region that looks as if an artist used a generous coat of green on the canvas of the serene hills that God placed on ear...

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27-10-2016 by Admin

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