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Thulasi Ayurveda Harmony of Mind & body

Some 5000 years ago AYURVEDA is sprouted in the pristine land of India . Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity. It is the oldest health care system in the world .it combines the profound thoughts of medicine and philosophy. Since then Ayurveda has stood for the Physical, mental and spiritual growth of humanity around the world.

According to Ayurveda TRIDOSHA’S (Vata, Pitta and Kapha ) are the Mega divisions of the body particles which not only build and sustain all parts of the body but also fulfill all biological functions when alive . Ayurveda says the imbalance of either of these doshas or together makes the diseases .An experienced Ayurveda doctor can easily identify these imbalances of doshas from signs and symptoms ,And make cure of the diseases with the help of external and internal medicines and Ayurvedic treatments. In kerala Ayurveda is not just a health care system but it is a life style of every aspect of life , in fact it is a life style of kerala , so to speak the miracles like Paralysed people walk , incurable diseases cured etc , that happen even today. Ayurveda is more than a mode of treatment it is a way of life. The origin of Ayurveda ; the world conjugated by ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge, can be traced back to the evolution of civilization. Thousands of years ago the Indian sages committed their knowledge about life and the fundamentals of Ayurveda is mentioned in the oldest scriptures known to humanity ,namely RIG VEDA,YAJUR VEDA,ADHARVA VEDA &SAMA VEDA.

Ayurveda the science of life aims to prevent diseases as well as cure them. It promotes health not only through medicines but also by restoring the harmony between humanity and nature. The relationship between body, mind and lifestyle is fundamental to the time tested system of medicines

Rejuvenation Therapy

Get Rejuvenated and revitalized by Indian traditional Massage , where warm herbal oils depending on your Dosha type are used to massage using rhythmic strokes with uniform pressure from head to toe which loosens accumulated toxins in the tissues , improves blood circulation , relaxes the muscles and counters the signs of aging

Herbal Face Care

Facial with medicated herbs and choornas in a veritable bath of softness for sensitive skin takes away the “pulled” feeling, renders skin comfortable and supple, brightens the complexion and relaxes facial features. A special moment of relaxation for tired and dry Skin .The epidermis is nourished with active ingredients which give it comfort and suppleness. The kumkumadi oil protects the skin’s layer from harmful effects of sunlight and gives radiance.

Head and Hair Care

An effective and prominent treatment of Ayurvedic hot oil scalp massage followed by a hot towel compress , continued with hair pack , this improves nourishment to the scalp, helps to keep your hair long, lustrous ,strong ,shining and thick .

Express Services (Half Hour)
Foot Care

This intensive foot massage is designed to improve blood circulation and reduces swelling and soreness in lower leg. You can try this in a combination of neck and back massage.

Back and Spine Care

Neck and Back are the common areas of soreness and this intensive massage is ideal for these specific areas of body which needs special attention.

Mind Care

This traditional Indian head massage addresses stress and tension in the head, neck and shoulder using medicated oil

Abhyankam and Shirodhara (Deep Relaxation)
Traditional Kerala Oil Massage & Shirodhara
90 Minutes

Generalized application of herbal Medicated oils on whole body with Sufficient Pressure effective to preserve Youthfulness , for comfort of the eyes , toning up the body muscles , sound sleep , softness of the skin , preventing skin diseases , effective rheumatic diseases then after start up with Shirodhara Pouring Medicated oil on forehead continuously for 30 minutes .Its effective in diseases of head eyes and ears. its applicable in chronic cold ,sinusitis neurological disorders and very effective in insomnia and for relaxation.

Head and Face Massage
40 Minutes

Medicated oil massage of the head and face to improve the nervous system ,relaxation and beauty of the face.

30 Minutes

Pouring medicated herbal oil through the nostrils. This nourishes the nerves and all organs of the head. Effective in head ache ,migraine, voice constrain dryness of mouth and nose paralysis of arms tumors ,epilepsy heaviness of head . Ayurveda advices Nasya as a daily regimen.

45 Minutes

Pouring medicated oil on forehead .Its effective in diseases of head eyes and ears. its applicable in chronic cold ,sinusitis ,neurological disorders and very effective in insomnia and for relaxation.

45 Minutes

Medicated herbal powder kept in the cloth bag and apply on the hot bag and apply on the whole body. Effective to reduce back pain, rheumatic fever ,joint stiffness and pain.

Udwarthanam with Herbal Steam Bath
60 Minutes

It is that Massage in the body with medicated herbal powder.it is very effective in obesity,kapha disorders and rheumatoid arthritis.

30 Minutes

Process in which a piece of cotton or cloth is soaked in medicated oil and placed in desired position of the body. Effective in back pain joint pain ,arthritis, skin problems, vaginal discharge ,etc .pichu can apply different parts of the body like head knee shoulder vagina recta area etc. according to the conditions.

Rejuvenation Programme
  • 1ST Day Traditional Kerala oil massage
  • 2nd Day Sirodhara
  • 3rd Day Traditional Kerala oil massage and Podikizhi
  • 1ST Day Traditional Kerala oil massage
  • 2nd Day Traditional Kerala oil massage
  • 3rd Day Traditional Kerala oil massage
  • 4th Day Sirodhara and Head massage
  • 5th Day Traditional Kerala oil massage and Podikizhi